Portrait by Jakob Hohmann
Photography by BCXSY

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Welcome to the new Stone Age!

CHANGE! features furniture and home accessories built from rubber-coated foam.

Beyond the striking aesthetics, the design of the collection is based on the unexpected experience of using the material, which looks hard and heavy, but in fact is soft, flexible and light.

While most foam products are machine-cut or molded, we’ve introduced an element of handwork. The collection is constructed from CNC-cut blocks, which are combined and then cut by hand, making each piece unique. Different densities of foam are used for different elements, giving the collection both softness and structure.

Through the development of an innovative relationship between material and form, the resulting series earns it’s title: CHANGE!

With special thanks to:
Rachel Griffin, Koos van Balen, Margit Hollenkamp, Myriam Rafed

Portrait by Jakob Hohmann
Photography by BCXSY