City of Light
Commissioned by:
de Krabbedans
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

For  it’s first ever participation at the Glow Festival, the Krabbedans has asked us to create a light installation, to be displayed at their window facing the Lichtplein (‘Light-square’).

Eindhoven has been for long years the light source for many places in the world. Every one of those places may look different in daylight, but when night is falling, a rich and colourful matrix of lights emerges and paints the darkness.

City of Light illustrates an abstract image of a city. In contrast to the most installations during the Glow Festival, using cutting edge lighting-technology, this low-tech installation consists of four hanging LED-lit light boxes, featuring layered images of imaginary cities. The light boxes are gently moving by the wind generated by two simple ventilators, creating a blurry, cinematic moving image which comes to life every evening when light turns to darkness.

With special thanks to:
Annemarie te Stroet