Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Fine leather garments and fur coats have always been considered luxurious and exclusive. However, because of slight damage or changing fashion trends, what was once a prized possession becomes an antiquated dust collector.

Re-skinned explores the ways we use and re-use valuable materials.
The collection consists of a series of carpets made from old leather coats that have been taken apart, reassembled, and re-purposed as traditional skin rugs. With a protective, non-slip lining and an embossed serial number, each piece is as durable as it is distinct.

Animal skins have a memory. They remember the singular shape of the body who wore them, they remember the tiny holes at the seams where they were stitched, they become a map of the ways in which they were first used. It is this memory that makes each piece in the Re-skinned collection extremely unique and individual.

With special thanks to:
Salem van der Swaagh, Céline Ansel, Annemarie te Stroet