Inverted Spaces
In collaboration with:

Inverted Spaces is a wallpaper design inspired by the night sky, created in partnership with New York based Calico Wallpaper (Nick Cope and Rachel Mosler).
To realize Inverted Spaces, we have created an abstracted artwork, compiling portions of NASA space photography and creating an own universe. Calico Wallpaper has then commissioned a professional matte-painter to recompose this image into full resolution digital art used for the final print-files of the non-repeating wall mural. The wallpaper features a panoramic, immersive experience that is an exploration of celestial spaces, both imagined and real. Inverted Spaces celebrates the fascination of the infinity that has surrounded us since the dawn of mankind.

This custom-made universe, constructed of combined high-definition NASA imagery, uniquely interacts with each environment and installation – just as space itself.
The partnership between Calico Wallpaper and BCXSY that evolved into Inverted Spaces began in December 2013, when both studios have met at Design Miami. A mutual admiration to each others work and creative process has lead to the creation of Inverted Spaces, which was developed during a period when Rachel and Nick visited Boaz and Sayaka in Amsterdam in the summer of 2014.

With special thanks to: Nadine Auris Kunisch, Nahla El-Gizawy