Photography by Marta Musial

Out Of Order
In collaboration with:
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Do as you're told!

Robots are replacing humans to do our repetitive tasks. Reliable and obedient, robots can perform their tasks meticulously over and over again. But what happens once this flawless worker starts to slack off? What if it loses interest in its daily routine, or simply drifts away into a daydream?

These thoughts became the inspiration behind Out of Order – an innovative LED light fixture that visualizes the transition from a repetitive robotic order to a disordered structure created out of free will.

The ultra lightweight cylindrical construction consists solely of wound industrial yarn, reinforced with resin, that resembles a three-dimensional play of lines suspended in space

At first glance the weave appears to be perfectly ordered, but a closer look reveals that the pattern gradually transitions from regular to irregular. The warped lines are caused by a specially developed ‘randomizing’ algorithm that instructs the fibers to deviate from their course. The seeming randomness of these interwoven patterns suggests that the robot has developed a mind of its own. As the distortions in the linework are never the same, this makes each and every lamp truly unique

Out Of Order is the result of a collaboration between Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary design studio BCXSY and Rotterdam-based design studio Atelier Robotiq.

Photography by Marta Musial